Healthcare Services

Leeds Gender Identity Service*: Offers assessment and support to people with gender dysphoria who wish to explore the possibility of transition into their true gender role. The service provides assessment stages which allow the team to consider the diagnosis of gender dysphoria and/or transsexualism.

Sheffield Gender Identity Clinic*: Service is for patients with concerns around transgenderism or transsexualism. Patients may be seeking sex reassignment surgery or simply advice.

*These services are subject to referral from a GP please contact us for up to date information on waiting times

Action for Trans* Health: Manchester-based organisation seeking to improve trans* people’s access to healthcare. Provides a few small cash grants facilitating trans* individuals’ access to healthcare; engages with medical professionals and compiles lists of doctors known tone good with trans* patients; runs workshops on sexual health, self-medicating, and NHS funding.

Gendercare Clinic, London:   A private clinic made up of practitioners that also work in NHS Gender Identity services. This can be a useful option of care for those with the financial means and hoping to minimise lengthy NHS waiting lists. If you are currently on a NHS waiting list and would like to consider Gendercare consultations please get in touch and we could offer support in fundraising.